Milbon History


Milbon is Japan's Top Brand in Professional Hair Care Products with over $200M in sales and 530 employees.

Founded in Japan 50 years ago, Milbon Co., Ltd. has become the market leader by using a unique system called TAC, Target Authority Customer system. This system combines education and close communication with their stylists through on-site field work. Their team makes frequent visits to top salons in order to provide the latest product information and to learn what the needs of salons' clientele are so that they can provide solutions. Milbon's products are therefore inspired by hairstylists' innovative and creative ideas. 

In 1995, Milbon reached the Top Share in the Japanese market. Milbon's overseas branches include Asian bases in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the USA.

Milbon started business in the USA in 1995 with Shinbi International, Inc. (currently NISHIDA Corp.), a distributing company, successfully introducing many professional Japanese hair care products to the USA. In 1997, Milbon introduced Liscio (Thermal Reconditioning) to the United States. Many hairstylists supported and believed in their products which strengthened the foundation for who they are today. Milbon USA, Inc. was founded in March 2004 and they opened their doors in New York City, July 2004 so that we can offer more attention to the American marketplace.